About Adel Foster,

Photographer and Designer

Adel Foster has been involved in the publishing, print and production industry for the last 15 years. She received her National Diploma in Photography from Natal Technikon and immediately started working for Alchemy Publishing, photographing for Your Baby Magazine. While working for Alchemy Publishing, she was given the opportunity to become a junior trainee publisher. She co-ordinated the sales, marketing, promotions and production of the magazine as well as the pagination of editorial and advertising. By 1999 she was working on their additional title, "Your Pregnancy" and left just after the launch of "Baba en Kleuter"

She went on to work for Justine Avon in 2000, where she was managing the production and printing of all the creative material. Working with designers, DTP operators as well as printers, she has a vast knowledge of the whole process from beginning to end. She was responsible for the anual budgeting of all printing materials, constantly liaising with suppliers.

In 2005, she started her own company offering photography and design.
She has single handedly done the lay-out and pagination, as well as some in-house advertising for HR Future for eight months as well as created the Aids Day flyer, 1624, which Media 24 launched in Dec 2007. Her clients have included Avroy Shlain, Nikon, Cortech, Schmart Sports, Wireless-Toys.com, 4 Col Print, Jean Guthrie, Mondi Packaging, Victoria Era and CBW who produce the Knights, Aro and Heritage labels to name but a few.

She has an understanding of all aspecs of the publishing, designing and printing industry, which makes her a cut above the rest.

“A determined soul will do more with a rusty monkey wrench,
than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine shop” -Robert Hughes