Flyers & Brochures

Good brochure design is easy on the eye, with words that are simple to digest. Which is where we come in. Foster Creations offers intelligent brochure design. Our visual skills translate your company's identity onto the page. Logical layout and crystal clear copy, with headlines to anchor the reader's eye, work harmoniously with colours that express your brand. We use images that enlighten and inform. And we don't waste our words. Our talented copywriting team ensures your company brochure speaks volumes.

Why leave it up to us?

Designing a brochure is ever more challenging as page layouts, fonts and image styles become more intelligent. For this reason, your brochure design needs to be unique to your industry while still conveying the information clearly and logically so that it is relevant and attractive to your audience. The balance between innovation and clarity in design is key.

At Foster Creations we will explore different methods of printing your brochure including considering book binding, the weight of paper stocks, inclusion of a spot varnish, seal or coating, or ethical print...the list is endless.  And then we will take the process even further and offer suggestions that may include leaflet inserts, advertisements, business card holders etc.