It is now common practice for companies to have a website to attract potential clients. Many companies are based solely online and in today's competitive market it is no longer acceptable to simply have a web site. It has to impress.

Creating an Online Presence

Not long ago a single page web site was the thing to have. Those days are gone. We know that to be a success a web site has to be easy to use, possess high quality content, be constantly updated with new information and be visually pleasing.

Inspiring web design is essential to your company's success. A web site has less than 60 seconds to capture the attention of potential clients. An unprofessional web site may appear untrustworthy and can repel potential customers from your site into the hands of a competitor. As connection speeds increase, by the day it seems, and as clients become more tech savvy and trustful of a company that builds something that you cannot physically touch, then so the importance of a good online web presence is realised.